Inter-species optimization in construction of spatial structures

Smart Geometry 2016, Chalmers Göteborg

LogJam! Cluster

Cluster champions:
Gustav Fagerström
Nathan King

Nick Cote
Michael Kirschner

Arvid Söderholm
Gustav Good


Zeynep Bacinoglu
Mark Donofrio
Paolo Franco
Per-Kristian Hansson
Marcin Luczkowski
John Mork
Vasily Sitnikov
Severi Virolainen
Zherui Wang

“LogJam! proposes an exploration of inter-species optimization in construction of spatial structures. Through the design, optimization, analysis, assembly, and evaluation of a prototypical multi-species hybrid spatial structure, we will explore the role of computational design in wood composites, while providing a study for functionally gradient materials in buildings.”

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