3 Hours of Sun - A Dystopian Future in Hamburg

B.I.S.S. - Baltic Itnernational Summer School 2016


Emanuele Naboni (KADK)

Kai Schramme (HCU)

Team members:

Arvid Söderholm (SWE)

Allar Esko (EST)

Veronica Ignataviciute (DNK)

Teodor Petrov (DNK)

The scheme aims to revive the island of Kaltehofe from industrial pollution accumulated through the 21st century since the industrial age. Due to smoggy atmosphere and pollution, the air has become so think that light from the sun is diffused and only penetrated the land at the highest point in the sky. The environment has become a zone of health hazards, suffocating its surroundings. The development of a garden community and oxygen park is proposed. Community enclosures allow for air to be purified in small areas and light to be collected and dispersed, facilitating the vegetation grown in the food production chambers, making most of the 3 hours of daylight available daily.


The second Baltic International Summer School 2016 (B.I.S.S.) at the HCU in Hamburg takes part in a continuous academic exchange between disciplines of the built environment and present a broader perspective on education and practice in the context of interdisciplinarity and interculturality.

Read more about B.I.S.S. here

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