Nordic Architecture: Reconstructing the Stockholm exhibition 1930

Nordic Architecture

This course gives an overview of Nordic and especially Swedish architecture and town planning from the 1930s until today with special emphasis on its social and cultural context.

The course is based on lectures, seminars, excursions and literature. Some lectures are given by invited guests from the other Nordic countries.



Team members:

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Building the model
Apart from the lectures we were asked to write a short essay about what nordic arcitecture is for us and we also went on a fieldtrip to Copenhagen, Denmark for three days. The essays were discussed, and to finish the course off we build the models from the stockholmsutställningen (stockholmexhibition) from 1930. A project that started the earlier year in the same course and aimed for replicating all the buildings from this modernist breakthrough exhibition with many great Swedish architects like Asplund, Lewerentz among others. The models were build in scale 1:50 from wood in the architecture workshop in chalmers.

My group got the task to build the Viechle hall which is a quite large structure with an open facade against the entrance parade street. The hall was used to display modern boats, cars and other veichles. I was together with three friends in the group responsible for building the roof, which consists of a number of bend beams. We cut the profiles in the laser cutter and glued the flanges onto them and then the roof in form of a thin plywood.

The buildings from this exhibition were just temporarily build and does not exist today so we had to use only the old pictures and this axonometry drawing as references when we build the model.

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