Material & detail studio - pt. 1 - Geometry and aggregation


Team members:

Arvid Söderholm Elisenda Planell Stéphanie Amstutz  Oscar Gillkvist

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The studio investigates a building material every year. This year was about concrete and furthermore cast into stackable units. The studio focuses on digital tools and production processes. We were asked to design a small “kiosk”, or pavilion, that were to be exhibited in Botaniska garden in Gothenburg. The kiosk should use the material concrete in new innovative ways and be manufactured at Chalmers, transported to the site and assembled in an effective way. We put all our result on a blog and planned to publich a book, in the same manner as the studio had done earlier years. This book never happened though in the end, because there was too much work with the production of the pavilion. The work was divided into three parts where we in the first part did research on the subject and reference projects. First we also split up in smaller groups to make preparation studies on a few different themes. The second part was a designcompetition where the groups were shuffled and each group had to come up with a design proposal. The winner was announced through both a jury consisting teachers and sponsors, and a vote among the students. The last phase consisted realizing the winning proposal and this was the biggest and most challenging part of the studio. Here the whole studio had to really work as a team. The work was split up among us in different work responsibilty teams, just like a big project in an office. Another very appriciated part of this studio was the studytrip to Venice, Italy and the 2014 architecture biennale there. A great way to get to know eachother, and i had never been to Venice before so that was a great experience!

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