Healthcare Architecture Studio 2015



Healthcare architecture today, which is usually built some decades ago, has its quality of efficiency and rationality. Since new technology develops and human centered demand increases, healthcare buildings in the future need to be able to support co-production of health and care between patients, relatives, healthcare staff and other actors in society.

Life Gateway Jönköping is a new unit added to the existing Ryhov Hospital. It aims to explore the fundamental changes in healthcare delivery in 10 years. LGJ is not only a new entrance and exit for the whole hospital, but it contributes a meeting place between citizens and healthcare, based on human interactions and advanced technology.

The main ideas of future vision in LGJ is summed up to three “COs”, namely comfort, control and coproducing. It comes from our emphasis on creating a healing environment at the same time as supporting human meetings and integrating structuralism, flexibility and generality.


The existing healthcare complex Ryhov Hospital, is a specialized hospital with plenty of beautiful greenery around and in it. The decision on choosing site for the project is based on the vision towards the future development, by keeping the existing infrastructure system. The added building unit will replace the existing entrance and extend as the main head of the whole complex rather than on the side, to enhance the central entrance situation and keep the existing corridor system.

There are some complex challenges of this site due to the differences of the levels. How can we keep a low volume to respond to the surrounding and at the same time to fulfill the program requirements? How will we deal with the different traffic flows? The form of the building is developed on these conditions by merging with the existing entrance and adding new functions. It results in a low horizontal volume with an open entrance floor that visitors can access from three sides. The north entrance is mainly connected to the biking and pedestrian paths, and it links with the surrounding landscape. The west entrance is covered to create a protected bus stop, while the south entrance is closest to the parking lots. The ambulances arrives to the ambulance garage from the lower road Försörjningsvägen.


Arvid Söderholm

YangEmily Huang

Jinjing Zheng



In the project, sustainability has not only been explored in the functional and technological aspect, by collecting rain water through three atriums and designing general room structures. We focus also on the aesthetic and social aspect. We believe in through stimulating people`s interactions and making use of the presence of greenery and daylight, it will increase the human centered quality in the future healthcare. It balances the efficiency and rationality of the traditional hospitals.

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