Forest Studio


Team members:

Arvid Söderholm
Kerstin Hallgren

To this 15m² studio in the forest you can come to create in peace and quiet. With genuine materials, wide facade planks, metal sheets framing the extruded window and door, rough concrete floor and shelving of solid wood creates a hefty foundation for whatever you want to find in your new hideout. Sit and think in the protuberant window against nature on the animal’s ground level. Sleep and rest in the sling hammock and see the trees swaying overhead. Look up the double doors to the patio and release into the forest candles and scents.
This course was held in the summer of 2015. I worked together with Kerstin Hallgren and we designed a small building of 15m², which is the limit for building without planning permission in Sweden. In the course we went through the whole process from idéa to constructed building in form of a detailed model in scale 1:10. The focus was on the practical problem-solving but im also very satisfied with both the design and the result in the model. It was an amazingly fun and educating course where we spend alot of time in the workshop. The building is planned on a plot in the forest of Orust, western Sweden, but designed to be suitable on a any random site. Its a small cabin, dug down in the earth half a meter to form a sitting bench just inside the doors. The shape is a monolithic block with extruding metal volumes for the window, entrance door and roof / roof window. One of the sides is openable with two glased double doors and shutters so that you can choose between different openness in different seasons. The roof is hidden between the extended wall pieces and the rain water is collected and thrown out through a pipe, creating a waterfall in front of the window on one side.

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